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Every family is different, every situation is unique. Understanding your rights and obligations will help you understand how to move forward. I will provide you with a wide range of options, from mediation, or collaborative law to litigation, but the solution for you is individual and the choice is yours. I will meet with you and together, we will plan a course of action which meets your needs. I will provide you with an understanding of the legal aspects of your situation, but will also to provide you with an approach that is compassionate and one that acknowledges the deeply personal nature of family law.

      From the initial consultation,  I will explain your options and what process might work best to you. This meeting is designed to arm my clients with information to help them understand the legal framework of their issue and to begin the task of finding solutions that will work for them. Whether it is a separation agreement, a cohabitation agreement, parenting and guardianship issues, spousal support and property division, my goal is to find a way to connect with you and help you to find a solution that works for you in a compassionate and cost efficient manner.
  • I am a collaboratively trained lawyer and I believe that the team approach to out of court settlement through the collaborative law process works well for many families. I believe that children must be put first in any separation, and we will work with that principle in mind. Within the collaborative process, you will connect with your own divorce coach, and may also use other professionals to help find solutions, including child/parenting specialists, business valuators, pension experts and actuaries and financial specialists. Together we will work with your spouse and her/his lawyer and the team to reach agreement that you and your spouse have made together.
  • I am certified by the Law Society of British Columbia as a family mediator and have additional training to assist and facilitate parties, through this alternate dispute resolution process, as a neutral third party, to resolve disputes in the areas of family law, including parenting, child and spousal support and property division.
  • I negotiate and draft marriage, pre-nuptial, cohabitation and separation agreements; in addition I can provide independent legal advice on these agreements.

It may, on occasion be necessary to resolve disputes within the court system. If that happens I will refer you to counsel who specialize in family law litigation.
With more than 25 years of experience, I have assisted clients in litigation matters in the Provincial Court, including child and spousal support, family maintenance and parenting issues and child protection issues, whether it be acting for parents or extended family members and dealing with the Ministry for Children and Families. I have appeared in the Supreme Court on both interim applications and at trial and I have represented clients at the Court of Appeal.

In addition to negotiating on your behalf, I can also assist you with the following:

    • I prepare applications for Adoption, either as an adoptive parent or a stepparent.
    • I prepare applications for divorce.
    • I have helped grandparents gain resume contact with their grandchildren.
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      Please call or email me to set up a consultation, I look forward to working with you to navigate the changes in your life.